Three Beautiful Examples of Japandi Interior Design

Tuesday, 24 August 2021  |  Faryal

Three Beautiful Examples of Japandi Interior Design


With the unpredictability and anxiety the last year has brought many of us, there has been an increase in homes being rejuvenated into calming spaces.  Gardens have also been given attention and there has been a cross-over of spaces inside and out, extending their usability.

Japandi interiors have been a great source of inspiration for me, as you will have seen from my FABLY Revitalise collection, Japanese and Wabi-Sabi decor has made an impact on my recent style choices.

Last week I shared some pieces from FABLY which would fit perfectly into a Japandi interior.  See the mood board here.

This week I wanted to share some praiseworthy home interiors by talented designers which focus on natural materials and tranquil schemes. They also offer ideas on how to inject a little colour into a Japandi scheme.



This is a private London home designed by STUDIOAida. Incorporating the current British panelling trend but instead of dark painted wood they have installed this treated light wood throughout the room, showing off that beautiful grain.

Artwork in green and blue earthy colours adds colour without taking away from the relaxed design.



Wood panelling continues into a hallway with examples of ceramic vases, dried flowers and subdued artwork.



There is a very serene flow to this home.  Petal lighting adjacent brass inlay floral artwork.  Wooden flooring similar to the walls.

With the next interior designer company, Yoko Kloeden Design Ltd, I was spoilt for choice selecting Japandi interiors.  They are experts when it comes to calming spaces inspired by nature.



This first home features a beautiful blue ceramic tiled wall, denoting calm oceans, surrounded by luscious plants and simple wooden shelving and accessories.



Picture perfect nursery with a misty forest mural.

In the next example by Yoko Kloeden Design, the client brief was to create a sanctuary. The kitchen and dining space house natural materials in a light, airy space.





The next design is my personal favourite, I want one of those garden walls! 

Another British home designed by Yoko Kloeden Design Ltd for a chef. Floor to ceiling wooden cabinetry, bare brick walls, connected to an impressive wall garden with outdoor catering. Simple terracotta pots containing herbs. 

Who wouldn't feel complete zen cooking in this kitchen?



The bare brick wall continues into the dining area, complete with simple industrial shelves, more plants, and softened with generous numbers of boho cotton cushions and padded bench.

And, connected to the outside catering and lounge space.




The lounge really does feel like an area for kicking back and lounging.  Large fabric sofas filled with cushions and throws, and soft canvas blinds, all in soft muted colour palettes.



More open shelving in the lounge creates the feeling of space, and décor is kept simple and uniform for harmony.



The ceramic tile wall we saw earlier has been used here again in a softer colour scheme and has a more rustic feel.



Make sure to check out the previous article which takes a look at how you can incorporate elements of Japandi interior design into your home.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of these beautiful properties and they offered some inspiration. 

I'd love to see you how have incorporated a similar relaxed scheme into your home.  Tag @fablyhomedecor on Facebook or Instagram.

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Got to head off now to start work on that garden wall!

Faryal x



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