The FABLY Desert Planter Collection

Thursday, 26 May 2022  |  Faryal

The FABLY Desert Planter Collection


Plants are one of the most popular things to add to a home. Select the right ones and they can be easy to care for, help people feel closer to nature and caring for plants is a great mindful activity.

Plants also have proven health benefits, keeping the air in your home cleaner by absorbing pollutants. Plants really are one of the best things you can bring into your living space! It''s no surprise that 'planteriors' or 'biophilic' design have become such a loved look.

The new Desert planter collection comes in multiple shapes and colours so that there's something for everyone. And the combination of their rustic look and succulent plants inspired the desert colourway.

Sand, mint green, sunset terracotta, mottled black and simple white. Whichever colour you pick it will show off the blooms beautifully.


The New Planter Collection

The cylinder planter looks great in the full range of colours and is a great size for taller greenery.

It will even work well in a plant hanger with a trailing plant. 



Terracotta cylinder planter made from concrete and recycled paper.
  The cylinder planter painted in Terracotta Sunset, with a tall succulent plant potted.
White concrete & recycled paper bowl planter infront of selection of planters in different colours.

If you're looking for a more compact solution, check out our round bowl planter which looks great in any shade too and can hold larger succulent plants. 

The round bowl would look lovely as a centrepiece on a dining or coffee table.

The white bowl planter potted with a cactus and succulent plant.  

The oval bowl planter looks sophisticated in the muted colours and with a row of smaller succulents. 

I love how the bowl and oval planters look on my coffee table to provide some eye-catching greenery. They look almost like decorative bowls rather than standard plant pots, so they're stylish while still being functional.

Black oval concrete & recycled paper planter bowl with dried eucalyptus stems
  Aerial view of the oval bowl planter painted in mottled black.
Stone colour concrete & recycled paper oval bowl planter with soft white curtain as backdrop

The concrete & recycled paper planters are perfect for indoor succulent plants.

Tropical stems against rugged stone texture transports you to colourful, desert plains of Mexico or Africa.

Succulents don't require frequent watering so they're perfect if you don't have much time available.

The sand colour oval bowl planter potted with a trio of small succulents.  



Concrete & Recycled Paper


Concrete is a mixture of cement and aggregate. It’s a very wet consistency when mixed with water so you need to use moulds to get the required shape when creating objects. It’s then heavy when dry and can be made into objects with smooth surfaces. 

Combining a 50/50 mixture of concrete and paper makes it much more suitable to be handled by hand and moulded into shapes with or without the use of moulds. The end object is much lighter in weight, with the sturdiness of concrete, and the surface is stone-like in feel and appearance.

FABLY concrete & recycled paper mint green bowl planter on white table with selection of planters in the background
  A mint green bowl planter potted with colourful faux foliage.
FABLY concrete & recycled paper black mottle cylinder planter on white coffee table with dried green eucalyptus

The concrete and paper mixture is not suitable to work with for those who lack patience!

The mixture is not pourable and you need to apply pressure to mould it.

And, depending on the air temperature, it can take between two to three weeks for the planters to cure and dry fully. Concrete takes less than 24 hours to dry.

Black mottle painted cylinder planter with dried eucalyptus.  

Caring For The Planters


These planters are for indoor use only. 

The planters are coated with a base layer and paints specifically for porous surfaces which will protect the surfaces from damp.

If you are going to pot a real plant in the planter it is advisable to place a protective layer inside first.

Less thirsty plants will be best as it is not advisable to make drainage holes, it could affect the structure of the planter.

Maker holding an unpainted planter
  The planters in their natural state, pre-painted.

The new planter collection is a great way to add some warmth and personality to your indoor space.

Made from concrete, recycled paper and hand-cast with care, these planters are eco-friendly and handmade in-house. The desert inspired design is all about simple, rustic shapes and warm colours that fit with any setting.


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Faryal x




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