Spotlight on the FABLY Revitalise Collection

Friday, 30 July 2021  |  Faryal

Spotlight on the FABLY Revitalise Collection

I developed an interest in upcycling items within the home which led me to Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese thought process which gives emphasis to beauty in the aged and celebrates imperfection.

Wabi-Sabi sees the beauty in the rustic, in nature, simple shapes and laid-back hues.

The FABLY collection Revitalise takes inspiration from Wabi, beauty in simple form and natural materials, and Sabi, with the use of aged and recyclable materials.

50% of the materials in the Revitalise plant pots and trays are recycled paper.

Except they look like stone, feel like stone, are sturdy, and light in weight.  The pieces are dip painted in gold and black.

The Japanese also teach Kintsugi’, which is to repair damaged objects but in a way which decorates the cracks and chips.  This was the inspiration behind using a dipping paint technique, to lightly accentuate the air bubbles and textures and gives a unique marbled finish every time.  It still allows for the earthy concrete colour and pulped paper pieces to show through. 

Read more about the concrete and recycled paper collection here and how to care for them.


FABLY Revitalise Concrete & Recycled Paper Tray


The textural Macraweave wall hanging contains recycled cotton, and the wooden dowel was once a bar on my son’s cot bed.

The bed frame became damaged, but I was able to rescue the bars, and also make a weave loom on which the Macraweave wall hanging was made!  Article on how I made the loom is coming soon…



The Revitalise art prints have been curated by me.  Beautiful brush strokes on a canvas look background, and the Enso (Zen) circle are a symbol of the beauty in nature and its impermanence.

The art works are printed on paper made entirely from recycled single use take-away cups.


FABLY Revitalise Enso Art Print


As we start to welcome loved ones into our homes again, the FABLY Revitalise collection also includes a link to another significant Japanese tradition, the tea ceremony.  

The tea ceremony is described as a spiritual process, traditionally using tea utensils to prepare green tea for guests in a specific order. 

It was practiced as a form of meditation amongst Buddhist monks and later became popular in Japan and known as ‘Wabi-cha’, representing respect, cleanliness, harmony, and tranquillity. (Reference

Traditional Japanese teacups are handmade from earthenware and do not have handles, bringing comfort from holding a warm, uniquely formed vessel.

Within the Revitalise tea gift set you will find a jar of Japanese ceremonial grade Matcha tea, a powdered form of green tea. 

Only the finest leaves are handpicked and the process from leaf to powder can take several weeks.  Matcha tea has so many health benefits and is leagues ahead of many a ‘superfood’ in antioxidants. 

This Matcha tea from Purechimp has been selected for the gift set because of the number of amazing reviews of its impeccable taste, it comes in recyclable packaging, and 5% of profits go to charity

You can drink it on its own with just hot water, or drink it as a smoothie or latte, you could even bake with it.  I personally enjoy it with a dash of almond milk.


FABLY Revitalise Tea gift set


You will be able to enjoy the Matcha tea with a loved one and perform your own ceremony as the gift set contains two beautifully rustic Japanese vintage style handmade ceramic teacups in dark grey and gold.

And, to further enhance the tea ceremony experience, the gift set also includes a candle specially selected with earthy fragrances to transport you to a Japanese tea house, traditionally built of wood and found in gardens. 

The candle is made from rapeseed and coconut wax, and contains a wooden wick; free from phalates, paraffin, palm, beeswax, dyes, or additional additives.  In addition, the handmade recycled paper label has a special feature and is embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant the label and watch it grow!

The items will be packaged in a luxury gift box and wrapped in recycled gold saris in the style of Furoshiki, a Japanese fabric gift wrapping technique.

Many of the materials in the Revitalise collection have been given a second life, promoting impermanence, and celebrating perpetually changing art forms. 

These values will be carried through to future handcrafted FABLY collections and will be key to sourced pieces.

I’d love for you to share a photo of a Revitalise piece in your home on Instagram or Facebook, tag @fablyhomedecor.

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Faryal x


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