Sculptural Items Serving a Functional Purpose

Monday, 25 October 2021  |  Faryal

Sculptural Items Serving a Functional Purpose


New products launched this week! Yey! 

Isn’t it always exciting to get some new pieces for your home? 

And even though I can’t keep the FABLY pieces I still experience that delight when opening a package and displaying it for the first time.

You'll be delighted to know that whilst the design and aesthetics is a key feature in these new items, they also serve a functional purpose.

Here’s a bit of background information for you about each piece. As many of you will know by now, I like to make and source products responsibly; always considering the environmental and ethical impact of the pieces…

Milkmaid Terracotta Vase

Two Spanish based designers are supporting small family artisans, in rural locations, to keep their craft alive. The artisans give life to contemporary designs.

Each item is made slow, using traditional techniques, so designs are made in small batches. 

In the words of the designers “It is tradition, emotion, respect for the environment, sustainability, craftsmanship and design.”

This piece is inspired by old milk jugs from its place of origin. 

Milkmaid Terracotta Vase
Line Art Face Vase

Line Art Face Vase

The vase features the latest line art trend and has been designed and crafted by two UK based designers who are influenced by British heritage, and value protecting the environment and its biodiversity.

Each vase is made by hand with dense eco-resin. Dense eco-resin is a more sustainable, biodegradable material to standard resin and is marble-like in weight.

New Pieces for the

Concrete & Recycled Paper


Small Concrete & Recycled Paper Tray

These pieces, of which 50% is recycled paper, have been handmade by me for the FABLY Revitalise collection

The small tray was designed to fit into those smaller alcoves and shelves, but wouldn’t it look great as an alternative to the current wall basket trend when matched with the larger tray?

The larger counterpart of the small plant pot has proved popular. I designed a pedestal to give the small plant pot greater stature. The two pieces together now make a great centrepiece.

The pedestal would work well with any small display item, or even to display a large pillar candle.

Concrete & Recycled Paper Pedestal
Concrete & Recycled Paper Star Vase

The Star vase was designed for the FABLY Christmas collection and has been hand painted in metallic gold, with the unique option to display a small bunch of dried or faux foliage.

You can turn the vase around to the unpainted side to display all-year round, unless of course you like sparkle all year…you do you…

Please contact me if you would like to know any more about the pieces.

I’d love for you to share a photo of any items purchased from FABLY in your home. Please share them on Instagram or Facebook and tag @fablyhomedecor.

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Faryal x



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