Japandi Interior Style Inspiration

Thursday, 12 August 2021  |  Faryal

Japandi Interior Style Inspiration

For those who may not be familiar with the Japandi interior trend, it is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian minimal, nature inspired spaces.

It takes the best of both influences and creates a serene mood. Colour schemes are muted and earthy. Japanese inspired earthenware is combined with Scandinavian wood craftsmanship.

There are soft, textural elements too, influenced by Scandinavian bohemian interiors. 

The main focus for this trend is simplicity and tranquillity. Simple lines and minimal patterns. Think to when you may have visited a spa. Unfussy patterns, colours and décor make for a restful space. 

If you love minimal, calming spaces then Japandi interiors will be perfect for your home. Let’s step through the mood board to find out how you can easily recreate this trend.

We’ll start with the Scandinavian influences. Scandi Bohemian interiors have been a big hit recently. A bohemian interior also incorporates many of the traits already mentioned – natural materials with mindful styling, such as recycled, handcrafted elements.

I’ve selected organic and recycled cotton fabrics in grey colours to add textural elements in keeping with the muted colourways of Japandi.

The natural wood background is another Scandinavian influence. Use this in flooring, bespoke furniture or clad a wall to add warmth against the cooler grey tones.

Grey organic cotton throw

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

And now the Japanese influences.  Add some earthenware such as a ceramic vase or stone decorative tray.  The Japanese teach ‘Kintsugi’, which is to repair damaged objects but in a way which decorates the cracks and chips.  Gold paint is commonly used to fill the cracks.  Gold is another great way to add warm tones to a space and pairs well with greys.

Dried flowers are going to remain a major trend into next year and you will see them take on different shades. Add some gold or brown dried flowers to the vase.

Paper lanterns were traditionally used for celebrations in Japan, they now are used across homes in stylish modern designs. Pick up a paper light shade for a fairly inexpensive way to add decorative lighting.

And finally, let’s talk more about colours.  The white with a very subtle shade of grey, and the nude colour will really elevate your space to a tranquil zone.  These colours are named salt and sand.  The perfect choice for getting back to nature.

Best of all, these elements will work well in any space - bedroom, lounge, hallway.

The items on the mood board can be found here - 


Check out this next article which showcases three beautiful Japandi interiors.


Please share a photo if you have designed a room in the style of Japandi.  I’d love to see your interpretation.  Tag @fablyhomedecor on Facebook or Instagram.

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