It's Earth Day | How Does FABLY Help in the Fight to Protect Our Enviornment?

Friday, 22 April 2022  |  Faryal

It's Earth Day | How Does FABLY Help in the Fight to Protect Our Enviornment?

Did you know the first Earth Day was in 1970?!

The 22nd April 2022 marks the 52nd Earth Day. Until recently I had no idea of its long history.

It started in the USA after a large oil spill in 1969 in California, and a young Senator Nelson’s concern for the deteriorating environment from the use of leaded gas. 

Earth Day didn’t go global until 1990 and a worldwide recycling effort went underway. The Senator was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the highest honour given to civilians in the United States — for his role as Earth Day founder.

Head to the website to read more of its inspiring history and the Senator’s achievements to educate the public.


Today serves as a reminder to do our bit and protect our precious planet. 

I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about some of the ways I consciously consider the environment for FABLY.

      The FABLY business was started after I discovered an eco-friendlier alternative to concrete products by combining 50% of the mixture with recycled paper.

      I use water-based, low VOC paints on all concrete & recycled paper items.

FABLY Concrete & Recycled Paper plant pots and vase on display on white shelf


      For the new concrete & recycled paper planter collection I was excited to find recycled plastic moulds.


New black mottle concrete & recycled paper cylinder planter


      All Macrame products use recycled cotton cord.     


Macarame Christmas decorations made from recycled cotton cord.


      As much as possible I try to keep my carbon footprint low by purchasing supplies from UK based organisations.


FABLY logo stamped on a small paper card and added to wrapped twine for simple packaging purchased in the UK.


All sourced homeware products are made from natural materials in small batches, and materials are obtained from sustainable sources.


White cotton cushion cover from sustainable sources.


      All product packaging has either been recycled or is recyclable.


FABLY order thank you card printed on recyclable paper card.


      I re-use packaging received from incoming goods, including plastic bubble wrap instead of throwing this into the general waste.

      It’s surprising how much packaging used by larger corporation’s is still plastic.

      I’m a mum of two small children and it seems toy manufacturers have some way to go to join the plastic-free effort!


Revitalise tea and candle gift wrapped in re-purposed sari silk.


      It would be lovely to wrap all the products in beautiful, branded paper and boxes, but I try to use as little packaging as possible without compromising the safety of the product during transportation and it also minimises packaging costs.


FABLY concrete & recycled paper tray with FABLY logo printed on paper card.


I’m sure I’ve missed some points! But the main point is that I am always seeking out the most eco-friendly options for FABLY. It’s been my ethos for FABLY from the very beginning and I will continue to research and improve processes.

It can be tricky to balance eco-friendly and cost-effective measures but it’s getting easier as more manufacturers join the effort to make sustainable products too.


If you have purchased any items from FABLY I’d love for you to share a photo in support. Please share them on Instagram or Facebook and tag @fablyhomedecor.

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Have a great day,

Faryal x


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