Ethical Home

Thursday, 18 November 2021  |  Faryal

Ethical Home

The term “fast-fashion” is something that can now be applied to home ware too. Large companies buying in goods without a thought for how they are made, or what they are made from. 

I love so many home décor trends. Every year the big interior design houses and paint companies will release new, exciting schemes. Then follows the big stores with mass produced products to tie in with those trends and people changing up their homes to keep up. 

I’ve always felt uneasy with this, and quite frankly, overwhelmed with all the options!

But I’m finally trending with a scheme I love. The current trend to buy ethical and buy eco-friendly that I’m feeling “at home” with. I’m starting to see a real positive mind-shift towards buying from small, creative businesses, and people are starting to question how products are made.

FABLY was born out of my love for crafts and home design. With that I’ve always felt a duty to craft and design my home responsibly. 

Crafting also gave me an appreciation of the time and effort that’s required to design and make just one item.

Grey Kilim Desert Rug

I’ve been lucky to find skilful artisans lovingly making items with natural materials, using traditional techniques which were slowly dying out in favour of cheaper mass-produced goods.

Fowwa, a small village in Egypt, went from having over 2000 to less than 200 weaving workshops.

The designers of the Kilim rugs have empowered almost 40 artisans to revive the craft and bring it into the 21st century. The artisans are on stable incomes that are 50% higher from the industry average.

The brand are proud to say that they have built a social enterprise, supporting traditional techniques with a low environmental impact whilst introducing modern designs. 

White with red and green splash paint terrcotta hanging planter

In another part of the world are examples of more community crafts in danger of fading out but brought back to life with the help of modern designs.

In villages of Galicia and Portugal are families of artisans who give life to ceramics. 

The designers behind the hanging ceramic plant pots are inspired by their places of origin and love to update styles from the past, having used a splash technique that was popular in the 70’s. 

They create objects that “tell little stories that refer to the present while immortalising the past”.

Round seagrass baskets

In Vietnam, where the seagrass baskets are made, the brand value fair working conditions and using sustainable materials. They speak of the pride the artisans have for their craft.

Everything from the harvesting of the seagrass to the drying process and the making of the baskets is done locally.

When a small business makes an item, many are working from a room in their home. There is no expensive machinery, no production team. With that you can be sure that the carbon footprint of the item is low. Minds, hands, and dreams can be found in the item.


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Faryal x


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