Cool Blues & Sunsets Interior Inspiration

Wednesday, 8 September 2021  |  Faryal

Cool Blues & Sunsets Interior Inspiration


The fabulous weather we've enjoyed in England recently has motivated me to put together this interior collage inspired by hypnotising sunsets, cool blue waters, and exotic green foliage.

If you are someone who enjoys travelling than this summer destination colour palette will suit your aspirations of faraway tropical destinations.

The colours chosen for the mood board are earthy and warm oranges, blues and greens to ensure they can be mixed in a single zone and the space will feel laid-back and inviting.

You can go dramatic by adding vibrant oranges and blues to walls, or more subtle by adding splashes of colour through foliage, furniture and accessories.

Don’t forget lighting, texture and pattern, incorporated with natural materials. In the collage you will spot soft organic cotton, natural raffia, a fun palm leaf design light shade, and block print in a boho tribal pattern.

Photo by John Prefer on Unsplash

Dried flowers are still popular and available in so many colourways. Have fun mixing and matching tropical leaves with vibrant coloured flowers.

Most importantly, sit back, relax, and grab a cocktail!

The items on the mood board can be found here:


Take a look at the next article for some real-life examples of cool blue & sunset interiors.

Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash

Please share a photo if you have designed a room in a tropical global style.  I’d love to see your interpretation. Tag @fablyhomedecor on Facebook or Instagram.

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Faryal x


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