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Tuesday, 23 March 2021  |  Faryal

About Me

Faryal at work

Hi! I’m Faryal. I live in Nottinghamshire, UK with my Husband, our two young sons, and a small dog.

Before being married and becoming a mum I worked a full-time IT job.  I also moved far from friends and family and felt the need to fill my spare time outside of work with something creative.  I signed up to a basic interior design course and the creative juices were stirred! I went on to do another more intense interiors course which really pushed my artistic boundaries,  and I loved it! 

Soon I was married, we bought our first home, and became parents. This is when my interest in crafts and home DIY projects began.  But, working and being a busy mum made it difficult to really cultivate those interests beyond ideas.

Fast-forward to the Spring of 2020 and a global pandemic.  My boys are no longer babies, and I’m sure you have heard this from others, but that extra time I suddenly had at home allowed me to once again think about how I would fill the spare time.

I realised my home was still a blank canvas.  It needed lifting with colour and art.  It was then that I discovered a textile art called, Macramè, and had to try it for myself.  Macramè became my therapy, and after Macramè came weaving, and so much more!

Fast-forward a little further to the end of 2020, and I nervously accepted redundancy from the company I worked with for over 16 years.  BUT, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be starting a new chapter of my life!  I feel fortunate to be in a position to start a business in something I feel passionate about.

So please join me on my adventure into home decor!  There will be modern collections of both handcrafted by FABLY (yes, me!) and beautiful sourced pieces on offer in the shop.

I will also be getting back into my first passion for interior design and will keep you informed of the latest trends and how you can incorporate them into your home.

And, I will be sharing updates on DIY and art projects along the way as I hope they bring some inspiration to you and give you the confidence to start a project.  

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Let’s get creative!

Faryal x


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