A Lighting Collection That Prides Itself on Sustainability

Wednesday, 18 May 2022  |  Faryal

A Lighting Collection That Prides Itself on Sustainability


A collection of pendant lighting has been specially selected for FABLY, comprising of organic shapes and natural, quality materials, all handmade in India by skilled Artisans.


Contemporary in form and handcrafted in spirit, all products are designed in-house with a focus on uniqueness and experimentation.

The lighting manufacturer is a family business based in Jodhpur with over 20 years of experience – and a vision to build an eco-system infused with values of responsibility, and loyalty.

Black bowl pendant light with trailing plant, hanging above round wooden dining table.
  The embossed iron bowl pendant sitting above a round wooden dining table.
White, gold and beige metal light pendant hanging above beige oval bowl, white vase and Zen art print.

They place great importance on supporting their workforce and believe that their purpose lies beyond personal profit and have invested in an educational institute that aims to give the best start to all employees.

Employees are skilled in cutting metal using hand-held tools. The result is straight-line cuts that eliminate wastage in the form of chips or melting of the material.

The Noctiluca iron pendant light, inspired by jellyfish.  

Sustainability and the natural environment are a key focus and they have responded to the worlds needs, looking beyond just a products aesthetics by using natural materials and fibres, built to last.

Fifty percent of the total power consumption is solar based. Its factory also boasts a water harvesting tank with a capacity of 2,500,000 litres per annum. 

Black metal frame wrapped with cotton cord light pendant hanging above wooden side table in a boho rustic bedroom.
  The black cotton frame pendant hanging above a side table in a boho rustic bedroom.
Mango wood and brass finish metal pendant light in arch design hanging above beige vintage jug vase holding beige dried flowers.

Mango wood is a hardwood. Its durable with a dense and attractive grain. Thanks to its beautiful grain, ease of cutting and polishing, it has become a popular household material.

It also has a short growth rate and can become mature in as little as seven years and no longer able to bear fruit. Since the Mango tree has a high speed of growth it is not considered a vulnerable species and is widely grown and harvested in South Asia.

The mango wood & brass finish pendant, inspired by the Sun.  

The brand prides itself on being able to claim the following certifications:

  1. SA 8000 - Social Accountability International Certification
  2. Forest Stewardship Council Certificate
  3. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Certification
  4. CE Marking.
  5. SSC Certificate: It proactively adheres to safety and health protocols as defined by WHO to ensure readiness of workplaces to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic


White, gold and beige metal pendant light inspired by jellyfish.

The brand actively works towards maintaining a balance between the ecosystem and the economy with an interest in technical innovation and design, while complying to the highest global standards. 


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