20 Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Ideas to Jazz Up Your Christmas Decorations

Monday, 13 December 2021  |  Faryal

20 Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Ideas to Jazz Up Your Christmas Decorations

I love to spruce and faff with Christmas decorations each year!

And you will see from the following photos how I have designed different displays, but re-used items I already have available.

There are quite simple and low-cost ways to jazz up your Christmas decor without spending lots.

I'm going to take you through 20 simple, lost-cost decorations, which have the added bonus of being eco-friendly, AND you don't need to change up your house decor, or bang nails into every wall leaving holes behind when those decorations come down!

1Go foraging

Just behind our home are some woods with a public path running through it. It’s become the perfect destination for finding wild winter berries and twigs. Berries can be used to fill out your Christmas tree, garlands and swags, and are a great way to add a little colour in traditional Christmas red. I used these red berries and the lemon slices in a star twig garland.

-  Get fruity

A great way to add colour to your decorations is with fruit. I’ve used oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. 
Last year I sliced up an orange and lemon and dried them out in the oven on the lowest heat setting for about four hours. This year I went even more eco-friendly and placed the fruit slices on top of the radiator for 24 hours. I didn’t get that lovely warm zesty smell, but it worked out better as there was no browning!
I have also carefully peeled an orange skin and then used a star shaped biscuit cutter to make orange star hanging decorations for the tree.

3 -  Make bunting from foraged twigs

Small, thin twigs are great for making star shapes. Hang them from the mantel or the stairs. I usually attach berries to the star bunting to add a little colour, such as those foraged red berries, or even small, dried lemon slices.

Dried festive fruit and berries
Dried orange slices and fairy lights on a wreath, plus ribbons on a stag and to hang a Christmas art print

4 -  Make decorations fun

I re-used a red ribbon which came with some product packaging and gave the metal wire stag a bow tie. And it helped to tie it in with the other red decorations.

5 -  Christmas art prints

Another fun idea is to hang some simple Christmas art prints. I found some cute free printable art prints and had them printed on card. I hung the mistletoe print by a Tartan ribbon. The ribbon has simply been stuck on with Sellotape from the back! Just make sure to find an art print with a border to pull this easy look off without the need for a frame.
Did you know you can now purchase plastic-free Sellotape? Take a look here.*

6 -  Festive Candles

Add some extra pop of colour or glitter with candles. Candlesticks are a great low cost way to make a space feel elegant too.

The garland above is faux but contains real acorns. I’ve perched some birds in there, can you spot them? They are super cute!

You can see from this photo that just a few trimmings can achieve a unique, fun festive look without spending a fortune and very little plastic used.


-  Add fruit to wreaths

In 2019 and 2020 I used dried orange slices in a very simple, faux green wreath. I added just a touch of glitz with a gold lace ribbon for the wreath to hang from. I also jazzed it up one year with LED star lights and hung it above the mantel. Who said wreaths are just for doors?!
This year I wanted to add more of the red colour to the decorations, so I used dried pink grapefruit slices in the wreath. To fill out the wreath more, I added acorns and attached sprigs of conifer hedging from the garden. I’ll be using the conifer sprigs again next year as I love the rustic look and it gives the wreath a more real feel.
Dried grapefruit slices in a Christmas wreath to add a red colour
Dried oranges in Christmas wreath

-  Use twigs to create a gallery wall

In 2019 I also used twigs to create a gallery wall and hung baubles, dried fruit and acorns from them.


-  Hang decorations from twine

If you don't want to hammer lots of holes into your wall, hang decorations from strong twine. Here I have hammered nails into the side of the chimney breast and attached twine to the nails. When the decorations and twine come down, the nails are not visible. I’ve used it again in 2021 to hang art prints from it.

10 -  Swag

Not a fan of wreaths? How about a swag instead?

These would be super simple to make yourself with shrub clippings from the garden, and then tie it all up with a festive ribbon.

Christmas Swag
Fresh Conifer Used in Stair Garland

11 -  Stair garland

How about making your own garland from gardens shrubs? I’ve used that same conifer hedging in a stair garland that I used in the wreath.

I've tied twine to the bottom and top stair spindles and then attached sprigs of conifer to the twine with craft wire.*

Just give the foliage a spray of water occasionally to keep it looking fresh.

12 -  Twig Christmas tree

Don’t have space for a large Christmas tree?

Go on another forage and create a wall hanging twig Christmas tree!

Tie the twigs with some twine, starting from the shortest to longest.


13 Add snow

Whilst foraging, look out for acorns to hang from the twig tree. Spray the twigs and acorns with a touch of snow spray.

And then just a few baubles and lights will turn those twigs into a festive delight.  This tree is hanging in our dining room where I've opted for a winter wonderland feel.

Check out this biodegradable snow confetti.*

White twig hanging Christmas Tree
Large Paper Stars and Baubles Hanging from the ceiling

14 Decorate the ceiling

Don't have the space for a Christmas tree or wall hangings?

Use the ceiling instead! You can really have some fun here and go crazy with large paper stars and extra-large baubles.

These hangings are also in the dining room, the only room in our home with a high ceiling that we've been able to take advantage of.

15 -  Make a crochet Christmas tree skirt

Christmas tree skirts can really finish off the look of your tree and hide those unattractive stands!
There are lots of easy DIY kits and video tutorials available.
This was my first big Macrame project in 2020 and was not simple!
I loved doing it and the skirt is proudly displayed once again under the tree this year.
Check out this super easy knitted tree skirt which requires no needles or experience.
White Macrame Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Pot Pourri Tray

16 Festive Scents

Make your own pot pourri tray to add festive scents to your home too, and add fun decorative touches to it.

The pot pourri I’ve used here is ‘fresh pine’ which I purchased three years ago and am amazed it still carries a scent!

I’m sure this is because at the end of December I wrap it all tightly back up.

When the scent does fade I’ll sprinkle an essential oil on.

17 -  Make your own Christmas tree décor

Sometimes buying the materials yourself and making decorations can work out cheaper.
But better still, its lovely to know you have made them and you can hang them with pride.
There are dozens of youtube and blog tutorials you can follow, or purchase a kit which comes with all the materials needed.
Check out this one I created for FABLY.
White Macrame Christmas Hanging Decoration Craft Kit
Red Macrame wreath with red and copper dried flowers

18 -  Add dried flowers

Dried flowers have been a huge trend the last couple of years and this will be continuing into 2022.

Get in with the dried flower trend by adding small touches of it to wreaths, garlands and tree décor.

19 -  Twigs in a vase

Hey, go foraging again! And place tall twigs in a vase and hang baubles or acorns from it.

Even sprigs of dried flowers as I have done here on the tips of the twigs (I collected the twigs last winter!).

These are Dried Lino Vlas dyed flowers in a copper colour.

A contemporary option on the traditional Christmas tree if you don't have the space for something larger.

This is my 2021 Christmas 'maximalist' mantel. A very different look compared to the last two years! 

A little moodier but still fun.


Maximilast Red Christmas Mantel Decor

Re-usable fabric gift wrapping for Christmas

20 Re-usable gift wrapping

To finish, lets talk sustainable gift wrapping.

I’ve been wrapping gifts in the style of ‘Furoshiki’, a Japanese gift wrapping technique using fabric.

It is so unbelievably easy and doesn’t require any sticky tape. It just needs a large square piece of fabric, any fabric, and it looks really stylish too.

Check out my video here demonstrating a Furoshiki wrapping style using a gorgeous recycled sari cloth.

Hopefully this article has given you some new ideas that you can incorporate easily into your home without overspending. That’s the challenge I set myself every year.

I mostly love to decorate the house for my young children and love seeing the joy it brings to them (ok, yes, I REALLY enjoy it too!).

Christmas art prints hung by ribbon above the mantel

I hope you enjoyed reading through these tips. 

I'd love to see how you have incorporated them into your home. Tag @fablyhomedecor on Facebook or Instagram.

And make sure to sign up for the newsletter for more interior inspiration.

Faryal x



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